About Us

Melanin Magic Shea Butter was created after its Founder was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2014. The importance was to find and use products free of toxins and carcinogens. The search for a perfect product birthed the love for shea butter and natural oils. Being of Liberian descent, the Founder understood the healing benefits of shea butter and natural oils and used her creativity and knowledge to create the formula now known as Melanin Magic Shea Butter.

Melanin Magic Shea Butter offers handmade whipped scented shea butter along with uniquely fine blended oils for male beard grooming.

Our whipped shea butter is infused with vitamin E oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil creating the ultimate melanin hydration experience. Our choice of essential oils and fragrances are carefully selected to enhance healing through aromatherapy.

Melanin Magic provides a healthier and safer option to the everyday overloaded toxic lotions currently on the market. Our products heal the largest part of the body which is the skin. Melanin Magic Shea Butter protects your skin from the harsh elements of the day. Hydrates and moisturizes the skin to promote elasticity.

What also allows Melanin Magic Shea Butter to stand out, is our dedication to highlighting iconic moments in The Culture to describe our products!

Give Melanin Magic Shea Butter a try today. We guarantee that you will be happy to ;)

Release Your Inner Magic!